Heat Treat 2019

​We are currently attending the premier heat treating event in North America for 2019, “Heat Treat 2019” in Detroit, Michigan and have these photos to prove it. By the way in interesting people news we heard today that very experienced heat treater Jay Jefsen has accepted the position of General Manager at Bodycote in Covington, GA, USA.  

Gord Montgomery, Pete Batche, Quality Metallurgist, Emerald Steel
Processing, Michigan

​Jordan Montgomery, Jim DeMaestri, Erica Garber, Eliot Fischer Fluke Process Instruments

Josh Harvey & Kyle Favors (CF Thermal), Dale Montgomery, Bob Fincken (SSI), Jordan Montgomery, Aaron Ackerman & TJ Wright (Wirco)

Raphael Raatz, Technical Director, Rohde Furnaces, Germany, Dale, Gord and Jordan Montgomery