Hauck Heat Treatment, SECO/WARWICK

A couple of weeks ago we had a news item about Hauck Heat Treatment in the Netherlands installing a new very large SECO/WARWICK vacuum furnace. We now have the official press release from SECO. To see the relative size of Hauck compared to other European heat treaters we would suggest this link; https://themonty.com/largest-european-commercial-heat-treaters-february-2019/

“An all-metal high vacuum furnace with working dimensions of 1200x1200x2000 [mm] is the first of its kind and was delivered to HAUCK HT’s newly expanded plant in Eindhoven, The Netherlands. This is the largest vacuum furnace of this type in the  Benelux region. This furnace was the third SECO/WARWICK furnace delivered to this location (previously, in 2015, Hauck installed two retort tempering furnaces with vacuum purging in the Eindhoven plant). Apart from the cooperation with the Eindhoven plant, SECO/WARWICK established a strong cooperation with the HAUCK HT plant located in Poland where new vacuum furnaces are also scheduled to be delivered. HAUCK Heat Treatment Group is a strategic company in the heat treatment industry and, in consideration of their mutual trust and partnership, further cooperation with SECO/WARWICK will progress.”