Hauck Heat Treatment Eindhoven, The Netherlands

According to “The Monty” https://themonty.com/largest-european-commercial-heat-treaters-february-2019/ Hauck Heat Treatment with 27 plants around Europe is the second largest commercial heat treater in Europe (we will remind out readers that when their parent company Aalberts Industries recently acquired Applied Process the company became one of the larger heat treaters in North America as well). This prelude leads to this press release from the company telling us how their location in Eindhoven, Netherlands just expanded and is in the process of installing a new vacuum furnace. The attached photo shows a vacuum tempering furnace this location added in 2016; “Hauck Heat Treatment Eindhoven B.V. on October 4th 2019 opened its new production hall during the yearly staff party. Because of the company growth during the last few years and looking forward to continued growth in the future the decision was made in late 2018 to expand the building. The expansion was completed recently and has a floor area of 1.000 m² and an elevated floor of 250 m² for storage of goods. In the addition a new full metal vacuum furnace with dimensions 1200x1200x2000mm is being installed and in early 2020 a new cleanroom for brazing assembly will be commissioned.”