Hauck Heat Treatment Cheltenham, UK Set To Close

We find commercial heat treat Hauck located in Cheltenham, UK will be closing within the next 6 weeks.  Hauck is the second largest commercial heat treater in Europe as rated by “The Monty” (https://themonty.com/project/largest-european-commercial-heat-treaters/). 

“Hauck Heat Treatment (Cheltenham) plant has been the site of a heat treatment company since the 1950’s, and has a wide customer base dealing with Aerospace, Automotive and Precision Engineering companies across the UK. Some of their processes include; Nitriding, Carburising, Induction and Vacuum heat treating. Accreditations at Cheltenham:

  • ISO 9001:2015
  • EN/AS 9100 REV D
  • Rolls Royce
  • Boeing
  • McLaren”

In related news we recently mentioned that Hauck Heat Treatment had changed the name of the company to Aalberts Surface Technologies.  

Hauck Heat Treatment Becomes Aalberts Surface Technologies; Aalberts Press Release; “From January 01, 2021 onwards our plants will be named Aalberts Surface Technologies. At the same time, we have decided to restructure our business units in order to create more transparency for our customers and suppliers with regard to the range of services and contact persons. Aalberts Surface Technologies has five divisions on three continents: “While the heat treatment division includes hardening shops, the surface treatment division includes the galvanic surface treatment of individual components. Polymer coatings are applied with common painting techniques and are mainly used as sliding and non-stick coatings. Reel-2-reel is understood to mean the tape finishing of punched strips, taped pins or solid tapes. The HIP | brazing | additive unit combines the technologies of hot isostatic pressing, brazing and additive manufacturing.

Aalberts Surface Technologies is part of the worldwide leading and globally positioned technology company Aalberts N.V., in short Aalberts, with its 135 locations worldwide and more than 16,000 employees.”

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