HärtereiKongress 2019 Cologne, Germany

The last major heat treating event of 209 the HK19 heat treating exhibition in Cologne, German is now officially over and done with. We have had some coverage and will continue to have regular photo updates including these. In the first photo we see the ALD team from the left; Klaus Loeser, Esther Tomm, Margit Lipper, George Molitor, Sonja Koerner and Mathias John.

In the photo below we see a very odd “pairing”, two arch rivals in the vacuum nitriding business, Rohde and KGO, both German furnace builders. Joern Rohde and Konstantin Rohde, Harald Roth and Paul Reichert of KGO.

Polish furnace builder SECO/WARWICK always continues to have a very high presence at all heat treat shows no matter where in the world it is.

Lets keep this international as befits this show. In the picture you can see Mr. Cihan Bilaban, of Turkey and Mr. Lee Rabe of WS Burners. Lee is from the US but is working with WS in Germany.