Harterei Tandler, Bremen, Germany

Let’s have a look at a company which largely does captive heat treating. Harterei Tandler GmbH & Co. KG., is a privately owned manufacturer of gears based in Bremen, Germany. The company produces gears for a wide variety of industries including the aerospace industry. It would be hard to describe them as a large volume company as many of their products are quite specialized and thus tend to have smaller volumes. The company processes 65 tons of work per week through a variety of pit furnaces which have the ability to quench in salt, oil or polymer.

In addition to this facility the company also has another location in Bremen by the name of Kutz & Schulze which is a commercial heat treat operation-more of Kutz & Schulze next week. We leave you today with these photos of the Tandler heat treat department. From the left we see Production Manager, Friedel Heidelberg, Joern Rohde, Rohde Furnaces, Carsten Erasmi, President of both heat treat operations and Gord Montgomery.