HALEX Group, Europe to Add Another Facility

According to this press release the HALEX Group will be adding a brand new facility to their  Härtha Hardening Industries Division. To put this into context we have this summary of the company followed by the official press release about this new addition to what is already one of the largest heat treaters in Europe.

The HALEX Group, managed by the Halex Holding, Germany has two divisions; Halex Extrusion Dies and Härtha Hardening Industries- combined the company has 14 subsidiaries with a total of 550 employees, all based in Europe. As usual our interest starts and ends with the heat treating portion of the business, Härtha Hardening. The company entered the commercial heat treating business as a family business in 1993 with a facility in Weissenburg Germany and over the years other locations have been added including HÄNDLE in Tübingen, Germany (2016), SABO in Boxtel, The Netherlands (2016) a greenfield expansion of Härtha in Verona, Italy (2018) and the acquisition of Forte in Stollerg, Germany (2018). The end result is a total of 9 independent heat treat shops in 4 countries.

HALEX GROUP founds HAERTHA Coating S.R.L., thereby expanding its product portfolio to include PVD coatings.

The HÄRTHA companies specialise in heat and surface technology of metallic materials with automated production lines using state-of-the-art plant technology. With the establishment of HAERTHA Coating S.R.L., 10 locations in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands now ensure the high level of service for which HÄRTHA is renowned for customers in sectors such as mechanical engineering, automotive and aerospace.

“PVD coating is an excellent addition to our product portfolio. Our customers’ products are found in many critical applications and our services are therefore an essential part of our customers’ high product quality. We are pleased that we can now offer our customers further options for optimising their products. Everything from a single source!” explains Sven Killmer, CEO of the HALEX GROUP and the person responsible for the HÄRTHA business division.

The abbreviation PVD in PVD coatings stands for Physical Vapour Deposition and is a process in which the surface of metallic components is refined in an environmentally friendly way. PVD-coated components impress with a very high hardness (> 2,000 HV), impressive colours and very good scratch and wear resistance.


– Boost in service life

– Reduction of wear

– Reduction in lubricant consumption

– Biocompatibility (food-safe)

– Low treatment temperatures

– Protection against corrosion

The HALEX GROUP was founded in 1990 and is a successful German group of companies with three business divisions. The company, which has its headquarters in Aldenhoven, is one of Europe’s leading manufacturers of aluminium extrusion tools and service providers for metal finishing through heat treatment processes and hardening techniques. HALEX operates at 15 locations in Germany, Italy and the Netherlands with approximately 550 employees. 

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This photo shows Mario Neuwerth, General Manager of the Haertha facility in Weissenburg, Germany along with Gord Montgomery of “The Monty Heat Treat News”.