Grupo TTT Spain to Install Bottom Loading Vacuum Furnace

In Spain commercial heat treater Grupo TTT is making a large investment in the form of a refurbished Ipsen VVFC 60 × 60 bottom loading vacuum furnace. Vacuum & Atmosphere Services (VAS) in the UK originally advertised the furnace for sale and was also responsible for decommissioning the furnace and moving it to Spain. When travel restrictions are lifted the company will be reinstalling/building up & commissioning.

Grupo TTT is a very large commercial heat treater with facilities in Spain and also a large plant in Querétaro, Mexico which operates under the name Aeroprocess TTT-as a matter of fact we had a news item about   Aeroprocess earlier this year. This is how the company describes themselves; “Grupo TTT is a full service technical solutions provider, serving clients in aerospace, automotive, machine tool, capital goods, paper, and the oil & gas markets, each market has specific requirements and quality standards.” The company has also made our news section over the years owing to several press releases from SECO/WARWICK who have sold them a total of 4 horizontal vacuums over the years.