German Heat Treater Receives Pit Nitriding Furnace

Commercial heat treater Siegener Werkzeugfabrik (SWF) of Germany has just accepted delivery of a pit nitriding furnace with working dimensions of 69” diameter X 110” deep. This furnace, which was the last one shipped by furnace builder Rohde in Hanau, Germany in 2022 will be used for nitriding of large shafts. A second unit will be delivered early in 2023.

Before this delivery the facility had 2 other pit nitriding furnaces, 2 vacuum nitriding units, and an annealing furnace, all from Rohde and is fully equipped for nitriding, nitro-caburizing and pre-and post-oxidizing. The furnaces can handle loads up to 15,000 kg (33,070 pounds) and all are equipped with the most advanced energy saving devices on the market today.

In these pictures you see  Konstantin Rohde preparing to deliver the furnace and in the second one you see Florian Philipp and Benjamin Langer of Siegener along with Jörn Rohde as the furnace was being installed.

This facility last made our news section back in October 2018 when they installed a vacuum nitriding system-the original press release is below;

“OCTOBER 2018; Siegen Tool and Hardening to Add Rohde Vacuum Nitrider; In Siegen, Germany we see that tooling supplier and commercial heat treater Siegen tool and hardening technology GmbH is adding capacity. In the fall of 2018 this will include a ROHDE Schutzgasöfen GmbH vacuum nitriding system similar to this system which is located at commercial heat treat HTU in Mühlhofen, Germany.

Siegen Tool & Hardening currently has a number of furnaces which includes vacuum hardening up to 15 bar and the ability to offer Plasma nitriding and nitrocarburizing.”

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