GE Aviation to Auction Off 2019 GH Induction Atmospheres Vacuum Furnace

Thursday of this week GE Aviation in Newark, DE, USA will be auctioning off an almost new GH Induction Atmospheres vacuum furnace. Details of the auction can be found in the link below and also on the banner ad on the right side of this page.

“GE Aviation Online Auction Closing this Thursday 4/29 @ 11:00 – Featuring 2019 GH Induction Atmospheres VF 35 – 2019 GH Induction Atmospheres Induction Heating Vacuum Furnace. Model VF-35, Model VF35, Hot Zone: 12” x 16” (305 x 407 mm), Hot Volume; 1.0 cu ft. 1.0.0283 m3, Max Temp; 3200°F (1760°C) optional three-zone control +/-010°F, w 2019 Edwards EDS 300 Vacuum Pump 50/60 Hz, 100 Amp, Machine S/N 1912/VF-35/357. New Cost $315,000 – Sale Details

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