GE Aviation Furnace Auction, Newark, DE, USA-January 21/2021

Starting January 21/2021 “The Branford Group” will be auctioning off equipment at the GE Aviation facility in Delaware, USA. Regular readers of “The Monty” will know that we announce upcoming auctions featuring surplus heat treating equipment and provide our opinion about how saleable the equipment is. In this case the 4 heat treat related items available (listed below) will sell guaranteed and sell for top notch prices. All of these items come from some of the best known builders in the industry and each is in excellent shape and quite new.


  • 2018 Ipsen Model HEQ 6672 VFSR Horizontal External Quench (HEQ) Vacuum Furnace
  • 2014 ACS Composite Curing Autoclave, Model Econoclave EC6X8150P450F-16S16P72T
  • 2016 L&L Special Furnace Co. Model FNC 536-FG20-01-G1007-480R3K-H16 Inert/Nitrogen Electric Hearth Furnace
  • 2003 L & L Special Furnace Co. Model SLC4080-FC08-01-G591-480R3K-J02 Nitrogen-Inert-Air Electric Hearth Furnace

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