Gasbarre Update

In the US furnace manufacturer Gasbarre has been going through a number of changes, mainly shifting furnace building into one location. The President of the company Mr. Ben Gasbarre gives us this update;  

“As you may recall back in December we announced a shift in our manufacturing from our facility in Michigan to our facility in Pennsylvania.  This put all our furnace manufacturing under one roof.  This transition has gone very well and is in full swing.  We have shipped multiple pieces of equipment out of our Pennsylvania location that would of otherwise been manufactured in Michigan.  Our sales and engineering staff in Michigan have been working well with the team in Pennsylvania, and we’ve been very pleased with the overall performance.  We are continuing to implement new technology and procedures to streamline communications and other processes between locations, and we still have plans to add manufacturing space to our facility in Pennsylvania.  Through all of the challenges of the COVID-19 pandemic we have remained fully operational, and have actually added furnace manufacturing staff to ensure we meet our production schedules.”