Gasbarre Commissions Mesh Belt Annealing Furnace

“Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems is pleased to announce the commissioning of a 24” wide, 3 zone mesh belt annealing furnace to a Midwest manufacturer of brass components. The brass annealing furnace is designed with a maximum operating temperature of 1650℉ with a capacity of 800 lbs/hr, and utilizes a blend of nitrogen and hydrogen atmospheres.  The system incorporates an Allen-Bradley PLC and HMI with automated atmosphere and water temperature control and datalogging.  The integrated dewpoint meter ensures precise process control for consistent and reliable part quality.  Gasbarre was selected as the equipment manufacturer based on their expertise in material processing and responsiveness to service the end user.  The new furnace purchase was justified based on improved energy efficiency, reduced atmosphere consumption, and superior part quality against an older, existing furnace. 

With locations in Livonia, MI, Cranston, RI, and St. Marys, PA, Gasbarre Thermal Processing Systems has been designing, manufacturing, and servicing a full line of industrial thermal processing equipment for nearly 50 years. Gasbarre’s equipment is designed for your process by experienced engineers and metallurgists that understand your requirements.

For more information on how Gasbarre can manufacture custom-engineered heat-treating equipment solutions for your specific thermal processing requirements, please contact Eric Buchanan at 734.656.2000 or via email at [email protected]. You can also visit our website at and find us on LinkedIn (Gasbarre Products Inc.), Twitter (@gasproinc), and Facebook (Gasbarre Products Inc.).”

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