Furnaces North America 2020-The Numbers Are In

Last week was the Furnaces North America 2020 Virtual Heat Treat Show, we at “The Monty” attended and our summary was posted last Friday https://themonty.com/fna-2020-virtual-show-2/ “Virtual” shows are of course brand new and nobody knows exactly what to expect from them-a viable alternative to “live” shows or a poor imitation? These are the numbers as reported by FNA;

  • FNA Virtual generated 1,009 attendees
  • Attendees came from 30 U.S. states and 22 countries
  • Exhibitors 554
  • Visitors 455

October 20-22nd sees the large annual German Heat Treat Show, HK20 which again is also “virtual”-it will be interesting to see the format and attendance, we will let you know.

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