Furnace Builder Enters “Rebuild Market”

It is relatively unusual for a furnace builder to actively enter the used/rebuilt furnace market but that is exactly what furnace builder Vac Aero is doing. Under their new management the company has become much more aggressive about every aspect of their business from commercial heat treating to new vacuum furnace sales, to rebuilds and  new hot zones  These changes now include rebuilding used vacuum furnaces both their own and other manufacturers.
To this end the firm recently added a new building directly adjacent to their current manufacturing facility in Burlington, Ontario, Canada which will be solely dedicated to new hot zone construction and also furnace rebuilds.
While all furnace builders will rebuild their own equipment it is quite uncommon for a furnace manufacturer to actively seek out and buy used equipment (whether their own or somebody else’s) and rebuild-it will be interesting to see how this works out. “The Monty” visited the new facility last week and a perfect example of their rebuilding efforts can be seen in these two photos, a small 2 bar quenching furnace both before and after.