Furnace Manufacturer Delivers a Nitriding System in Turkey

Arslan Aluminyum recently added three new extrusion presses to its production, increasing the demand for nitriding dies and necessitating a large-capacity nitriding system for the biggest press. Because the plant was upgraded and a new nitriding system furnace was required to help double the production capacity, the long-standing relationship with Nitrex made the choice easy. 

Arslan selected an NX-1015 pit furnace designed to treat workloads up to 2000 kg that are 1000 mm (39″) in diameter and 1500 mm (59″) high (4400 lb.).

The collaboration with Arslan started in 2011 when the family-run business purchased an NX-812 turnkey nitriding system. Arslan was the first extruder in the Turkish market that Nitrex worked with. Since then, Nitrex has added several other aluminum extrusion companies to its customer portfolio in Turkey.

“The people of Arslan appreciate our good contact and customer service, and their high regard for our products and company has helped us tremendously in getting new contracts in Turkey. We have sent Turkish customers to the Arslan plant, where they can see our installation,” explains Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at Nitrex.

The heavy-duty furnace incorporates multiple controlled heating zones for optimal temperature uniformity inside the retort, typically +/-5 °C (9 °F) or better. It is made to quickly heat up and maintain consistent temperatures throughout the load. Arslan uses the Nitrex system to nitride H11 and H13 dies that extrude aluminum profiles for the construction, renewables, joinery, furniture, and equipment sectors.

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