Furnace Builder Rohde Schutzgasoefen GmbH Ships Two Furnaces to Italy

As the lockdown in Italy due to the Coronavirus has ended, IMG Industria Meccanica Girardello s.p.a. located near Treviso, has restarted all operations and will soon receive two identical electrically heated pit furnaces type SG 150/200 for carbonitriding processes from German furnace builder Rohde. The furnaces left the Rohde facility in Hanau, Germany just today. 

The furnace load in the furnaces is supported on a special support table. The retort free hanging in the furnace housing, so that the load of the product is not supported by the retort. To ensure that the system is gas-tight, Rohde used a special bellow expansion joint, which is connected to the lower part of the retort and the support table. This enables high loads without stress on the retort material. 

With this furnace type Rohde is able to manufacture tailor-made furnaces depending on the customers loads. Our largest furnace of similar design has a load of 100t and a nominal temperature of 1050°C. The furnace utilizes Nitrogen, Methanol, Methane and Air.”

Characteristics of the furnaces: 

  • Nominal temperature 1000°C
  • Inner diameter 1500 mm
  • Usable inner height 2000 mm
  • Heating power 318 kW
  • Load approx. 15,000 kg

For more information; http://www.rohdetherm.de