Furnace Builder McLaughlin Furnace Group Expanding

Furnace manufacturing company McLaughlin Furnace Group based in Avilla, Indiana, USA is certainly growing these days as you can see in this press release. Over the past few years the company has grown from a small service company to a 2 location firm with international partnerships. The photo below shows the VESCO location in the US Northeast which is part of McLaughlin Furnace Group;  “McLaughlin Furnace Group broke ground today on a site in Avilla’s new industrial park, an expansion that will cost about $3 million, a spokeswoman said. The company is currently at 333 Progress Way in Avilla. The address for the industrial park is the 1300 block of East Albion Street, located off Indiana 8 next to Oak Farm Montessori School. The address may change, spokeswoman Melissa Thompson said through email, once roads in the industrial park are named. McLaughlin Furnace will have about 50,000 square feet in a one-story building at the site, up from the current 17,500 square feet. Work on the new building is expected to be completed by spring 2020. The privately held company, owned by Jeff McLaughlin, has annual revenue of $7 million, Thompson said. McLaughlin Furnace Group currently employees 42 people, with hopes of hiring 15-30 new employees within the next five years. During the last 12 years, McLaughlin Furnace has served the heat-treating industry, “providing small to international companies with custom designed heat treat furnaces utilizing cutting edge technology,” the news release said. Later this week McLaughlin is meeting with representatives from SpaceX before traveling to Vietnam to work with a client. McLaughlin said the new facility will provide his company with the space it needs to help his business run more effectively and efficiently.”