Furnace Builder HeatTek Expanding Like Crazy

HeatTek, manufacturer of ovens, furnaces and washers, has just announced the purchase of an additional facility in Ixonia, WI. This new building will serve primarily as a distribution center for the rapidly growing company’s components and spare parts inventory.

This expansion is on the heels of another plant acquisition in the nearby city of West Allis, which was finalized earlier this year. The West Allis plant has three bays that provide over 150,000 square feet of manufacturing space, a combined 400-ton crane capacity and a specialty stainless steel bay.

“Many of our customers serve critical industries and are seeing historically high demand. HeatTek has committed to support them,” explains Jason Plowman, President of HeatTek. “Because of our equipment’s large size, floor space is an important asset, so investing in new facilities is essential.”

HeatTek’s original location will remain home to its headquarters offices, R&D lab and over 70,000 square feet of manufacturing space. Plowman summaries, “The recent expansion has tripled our capacity and optimized our manufacturing process so we can support these crucial industries.” 

In 2000, some of the brightest minds in the oven and heat-treating industry combined hundreds of years of experience to form HeatTek. The goal was simple – provide the highest quality equipment and back it with superior customer service and on-site support. To this day, HeatTek’s “Never Settle” commitment ensures customers remain as profitable and efficient as possible.”

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