Furnace Builder “Aichelin” Makes Major Investment in New Location-Plans to Shift Some Production

Moedling, Austria based furnace builder “Aichelin” ranks as one of the largest furnace builders in the world with manufacturing locations on several continents  AICHELIN Holding The company’s thermal treatment offerings are wide and varied and largely focused on atmosphere heat treating although through various divisions they are able to offer Induction Hardening equipment, commercial heat treating and burners as an example.

The focus of this news item today is their industrial furnace manufacturing division in Slovenia, “Bosio Furnace Solutions”, a company in which Aichelin acquired a majority ownership stake back in 2012. According to this news story which appeared in a Slovenia business publication by the name of “ STAkrog”, “Aichelin Holding” just started construction of a brand new 7 million EURO building located quite close to the firm’s existing facilities in Bukovžlak, Slovenia. The press release goes on to say that this investment marks the beginning  of several and that some production will be shifted from Austria to Slovenia in the future. STAkrog: Celje Bosio in the construction of a new industrial building

We have two photos to go with this news item, one shows a typical Bosio furnace, the other shows the Aichelin manufacturing facility as “The Monty Heat Treat News” saw it pre pandemic. We will keep you updated on this story.

“3 March – Celje company Bosio, which develops and manufactures industrial furnaces, will start building a new industrial building in Bukovžkuk near Celje. The cornerstone of the investment of around €7 million was laid today in the presence of Economy Minister Zdravk Počivalška.

As the director of Bosio, Hugo Bosia, the ceo of majority Bosio owner Aichelin Holding, Peter Schobesberger and Celje Mayor Boen Šrota, said, Bosio, which employs 115 workers, has made a significant investment in the expansion of production. So far, the company has carried out more than 3000 projects for subscribers on three continents.

Bosio said that the new, 2,000-square meter industrial facility, which will grow in close proximity to the company’s existing business and manufacturing premises in Bukovžlak, will be designed to assemble thermal materials treatment equipment under the Bosio and Aichelin brands. As production capacity expands, the company is forecasting 30 new jobs. Completion of construction is scheduled for 1 September this year.

The main investor is the Austrian Group of Aichelin, the umbrella company of Bosio, which invests with the aim of moving and expanding capacity from Austria to Slovenia, said Bosio.

Due to the increased number of orders obtained in the company last year and this year, according to him, after consulting with the Aichelin Group, they have already started to produce project documentation for the second and third phases, which would have acquired an additional 4000 square meters of commercial and production premises, while opening 40 new jobs. The completion of the two phases is foreseen by August 2023 and Slovenia would acquire a ‘distinguished international centre for the production and assembly of industrial lines’ through this enlargement.

Bosio was founded in 1988 when owner Hugo Bosio began producing small laboratory and melting furnaces for heat treatment. In 2012, the family business had become part of the international Aichelin Group, which owns 75 per cent of its own.”

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