Formula 1 Supplier Invests in Vacuum Furnace

A European subcontractor for the automotive and racing industries as well as a partner for teams participating in Formula 1 races, has bet on SECO/WARWICK for the second time.

The order includes a Vector® vacuum furnace with 15 bar abs high pressure gas quenching, and high vacuum (HV). The furnace will process engine and gear components for vehicles racing in the most important motorsport competitions.

This partner provides carburizing, and various heat treatment services for titanium, aluminum and precipitation hardening of alloys. These services must be of aviation quality within the most demanding timeframes required by European F1 teams.

In the new SECO/WARWICK furnace, the customer will execute vacuum heat treatment of titanium and its alloys and will perform vacuum carburizing processes for steel elements. Titanium alloys are very strong materials, but at the same time soft and plastic, which makes them difficult to machine. Low thermal conductivity and density creates an environment where the cutting material is subject to a strong thermal load and tends to harden. The Vector vacuum furnace is perfect for titanium heat treatment. The current order includes the furnace in exactly the same configuration as the first delivery.

“The second order for the same product means that the customer wants to increase processing capacity and at the same time prevent a production back-up. The vacuum furnace system which will be delivered to England has numerous options such as cryogenic processing, convection, FineCarb® vacuum carburizing, pre-nitriding for PreNitLPC® carburizing technology or low-pressure carbonitriding LPCN. It is a very efficient and versatile solution with relatively small dimensions, which makes it suitable even for smaller hardening plants,– explains Maciej Korecki, Vice President of the Vacuum Segment at SECO/WARWICK.

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