Firearms Manufacturer Buys Annealing Furnace

“L&L Special Furnace Company has received a second order for a medium-sized floor-standing box furnace that will be used for annealing gun barrels for rifles. This is the second furnace supplied to a leading Midwest manufacturer of custom firearms and rifles. A marked increase in production and reliable operation of the existing L&L furnace preceded the sale.

The L&L Model XLE 3636 has an effective work zone of 34” wide by 30” high by 32” deep. It is designed for use with inert blanketing gas for atmosphere control to minimize surface de-carb. A programmable flow panel with regulator and (2) flow meters for high and nominal flow rates along with a visual flow indicator light are included. There is a high-temperature air-cooled fan with packing gland to maintain the case seal integrity. A cast alloy hearth provides a good flat work platform for the fixturing of parts.”

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