Firearms Heat Treatment

August 21, 2020 we had a news item about how a bright spot in the worldwide heat treatment industry is that of firearms (the original note can be found below). A perfect example of that would be Italian gun manufacturer Beretta. Up until 2016 Beretta had been manufacturing in Maryland, USA but due to the states very tough anti gun laws the firm moved to Gallatin, Tennessee and inaugurated the facility April 15, 2016. The 160,000 square foot facility will house the entire R&D and manufacturing division of Beretta USA which, while keeping its historical headquarters in Maryland, will count on a state-of-the-art production plant that will allow for a significant increase in production capacity. This modern plant is based on the highest standard of the “lean production” and features cutting edge industrial and information technologies, which will allow to greatly increase the efficiency of the production processes. This facility has a very modern in house heat treating department which features vacuum heat treating as well as other processes including salt quenching. And guess what? The company can’t keep up with the business and the heat treat department is running at full capacity.

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