Firearm Heat Treating/Heckler & Koch/Glock

Recently we had several news items talking about how the firearms industry is booming these days and consequently the heat treating associated with it. Germany based firearm manufacturer Heckler & Kock is known around the world as a top end gun manufacturer and most or all of their locations feature in house heat treating departments as does their location in Ashburn, Virginia, USA. While we don’t have any photos of their heat treating department we do have this rather cool picture of their “Grey Room” at this facility which has to be one of the most interesting meeting rooms we have ever seen (although the Remington Arms location in Utica, NY also has a very impressive museum of gun history. We mentioned Remington earlier this year as the plant and their captive heat treating department will be moving to the southern USA).

While we are speaking about firearm heat treating we should mention gun manufacturer Glock in Smyrna, Georgia, USA. This facility is also booming and we have these photos of part of the heat treating department. What you are looking at are Rubig built Plasma and vacuum nitriders in a very clean, in house heat treating department.

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