Fastener Manufacturer Installs New Exothermic Generator

“UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, recently installed an ExoFlex™ gas generator for Jomarca, a long-time customer and one of the biggest manufacturers of fasteners, bolts, nuts, and fixing elements in Brazil. The generator will supply exothermic gas to a continuous wire annealing furnace, which is part of Jomarca’s efforts to meet market demand efficiently and sustainably for baling wire in the South American construction industry.

Jomarca already owns two EndoFlex™ endothermic gas generators from UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, that supply endogas to the company’s production for carburizing fasteners. In March of this year, Jomarca upgraded its wire operations with a 150 m3/h capacity ExoFlex generator to ensure consistent gas composition and prevent scale formation on the wire surface. By using exothermic gas instead of nitrogen, the company expects to reduce operating costs, increase production efficiency, and improve the wear properties and finish of its wire products.

Jomarca has been a loyal customer of UPC-Marathon, a Nitrex company, along with its former business asset Atmosphere Engineering, since 2014. The company has consistently been impressed with the quality of the products and the support received. The ExoFlex gas generator is the latest addition to Jomarca’s in-house heat-treating operations and represents a significant step towards the company’s long-term sustainability goals. With this generator, Jomarca now has the ability to produce exothermic gas on-demand with zero waste, while also making more efficient use of electricity and gas feedstock.

As the lead on this project, UPC-Marathon’s Sales Director for Brazil, Marcio Boragini, added, “We are grateful for the longstanding partnership with Jomarca and thank them for their continued trust in our products and services. By providing them with our latest generator technology, we have helped Jomarca improve process efficiency, achieve sustainability, and exceed their customers’ expectations for high-quality wire products. The ExoFlex gas generator is yet another example of our commitment to innovation and ensuring a great customer experience, and we look forward to continuing our partnership with Jomarca in the years to come.”

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