Fastener Manufacturer Installs Mesh Belt Furnace Line

Last week “The Monty Heat Treat News” briefly mentioned a new mesh belt furnace installation in Germany, we are now in a position to provide the full details.
Nedschroef Altena GmbH, of Altena, Germany is the oldest screw manufacturer in Europe dating back to 1709 when it started producing needles, The company was a pioneer in drill screws and tapping screws and now focuses on small screws. It has always considered heat treating to be a “core competency” which means a reasonably large and certainly a modern in-house heat treat department consisting of a number of mesh belt furnace lines.
Literally days ago the firm started producing parts on their newest mesh belt furnace line which was provided by Sistem Makina of Turkey. The “U” shaped line includes an automated loading system, high heat furnace designed for neutral hardening, an oil quench, rotary washer and mesh belt temper all controlled by a state of the art control system with complete datalogging. The line is capable of 1,000 kg/hour (2,200 pounds) and will be producing parts to the highest standards in the automotive and aerospace industries.
The line was sold by “Sistem Makina’s ” German sales representatives, “Avion Europe, Heat Treating Equipment” who also did the installation and start up (next week we will have two articles about Avion, their place in the European heat treat market and how they are cementing their impressive standing in the heat treat market).
The association between Nedschroef Fasteners and Avion is a close one as Avion has updated and rebuilt the other mesh belt heat treat lines at this facility.
In these photos we see part of the Avion team including, Roland Caminades, President, George Cluse, Sales Manager and Sebastian Schmidt. Also included in these pictures are Bulent Civici, General Manager of Sistem Makina and Aylin Civici, Sales & Marketing Engineer, Gord and Jordan Montgomery of “The Monty” and part of the engineering team from Nedschroef.
What we saw during this visit was a very impressive mesh belt installation which would rival anything available on the market. Stay tuned for the “Avion” story next week.
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