Fascinating Heat Treats-Bodycote/Rolls Royce

The world’s largest heat treater Bodycote offers heat treating services around the world- their locations are as varied as the heat treatment industry itself is.  A very intriguing Bodycote facility which “The Monty Heat Treat News” has been able to visit twice over the years is in Derby, UK,  what makes this location so interesting is that it represents an almost 35 year partnership with Rolls Royce. 
In 1997 Bodycote set up a brand-new heat treating facility within the grounds of the Rolls Royce jet engine facility in Derby, UK with the intent that Bodycote would handle all of Rolls Royce’s heat treating requirements. Almost a quarter century later, this can be considered a real success story for both parties.
This facility, shown in one of the photos below is one of two Bodycote locations in the United Kingdom largely dedicated to Rolls Royce, the second is located in Rotherham. Incidentally, if you  look closely at the architecture of the building, you will see that it was designed to resemble an engine turbine blade. The Derby site has the largest installed  vacuum heat treat capacity  available  in the UK heat treatment market.
Derby contains two rows of horizontal vacuum furnaces opposite each other and a complementary  HIPPING Unit at the end of the building, 6 of the 10 furnaces  have   10 bar quenching capability in both Nitrogen and Argon .  While it is certainly true that this facility was set up for Rolls Royce; the facility also provides advanced solutions for customers in the medical and power generation industries.
A long-stated goal of Bodycote’s is to partner with manufacturers with the intent of handling all of their thermal processing requirements. There can be few better examples than the Bodycote facility in Rolls Royce Derby, UK.
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