Fascinating Heat Treats-Aberfoyle Metal Treating

From time to time “The Monty Heat Treat News” goes down to the basement and rummages through photos to come up with some of the most fascinating heat treats in the world. Today we look at one of the most unusual that we have run across in our 55 years in business-Aberfoyle Metal Treating in Ontario, Canada. What makes the firm so interesting is that the furnaces are enormous in size with the largest 82 ft (25.0 m) long by 21.5 ft (6.6 m) wide by 23 ft (7.0 m) high, and capable of 2000F making it one of the largest car bottom furnaces in North America. Another very unusual factor is that this is the only heat treat in the world where we have almost frozen to death as the furnaces are generally located outside which in the middle of a cold Canadian winter makes it very cold idea.

Below is a summary of the company but what really makes this story are the photos. In one you see none other than Ryan Fussell of South West Metal Treating in Fort Worth, Texas, in others you see the original founder Harry Hall, the GM John Beingessner, Tom Bell and Gord Montgomery. The additional photo shows the type of product the company handles. Few companies in North America, captive or commercial can rival the size of the equipment at Aberfoyle Metal Treating.

“In 1989, Aberfoyle Metal Treaters broke ground to build the first part of what is now an expanded 5-acre facility. Adding one furnace after another, Aberfoyle grew to accommodate a diverse range of client needs and components. The real history of Aberfoyle did not start there, however. Harry Hall, Aberfoyle’s founder, had been involved in heat treating of materials for about 15 years prior to the founding of Aberfoyle Metal Treaters Ltd. It was during those years that he gained the valuable hands-on experience and knowledge to recognize there was a definitive need in the marketplace for a better commercials heat treat facility; hence Aberfoyle Metal Treaters was created.

By 1999, it became apparent that customers had requirements for additional processing needs beyond heat treating, so a 15,000 square foot blasting and coating facility was added. With two paint booths and two blast units,Aberfoyle was able to facilitate a wide range of secondary operations on components from diverse industries.

Enthusiastic attention to the needs of our customers has been one of the key factors in our rapid growth rate. We have added additional equipment and facilities to accommodate the growing requirements of our clients while venturing into uncharted areas to provide unique and custom heat treating and blast and coat solutions. As we move forward, the need for the constant innovation of our processes and services is the key to our continued success.”

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