European Mint Invests in New Vacuum Furnaces

“Two Vector® vacuum furnaces are scheduled to be delivered to a national Mint in Europe. This is the eighth mint to choose SECO/WARWICK solutions. The Vector furnaces will be used to harden the dies necessary for the production of coins for both circulation and collector series. Vector vacuum furnaces with 15 Bar high-pressure gas quenching perfectly match the mint’s operating characteristics. Vector enables fast heat treatment while the working space is optimal for the production of dies, coins, medals and orders. The Vector line of vacuum furnaces with a round graphite heating chamber can be used for most standard hardening, tempering, annealing, solution heat treatment and brazing processes. They provide intense and uniform gas cooling, which guarantees high hardness and durability of mint tools. The perfect surface quality of the stamped coin and other products is ensured by a very high purity of the vacuum atmosphere.”

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