ECM Excels in Semiconductor Market for Rapid Thermal Processing

ECM’s product expansion with research & development and laboratory furnace systems, brand name JIPELEC, has proven highly successful within the academic and semiconductor industries. With the recent increased interest in US semiconductor research and manufacturing, ECM is excited to announce a strong bi-monthly sales order pattern for 2021. These smaller-scale system processes range from rapid thermal processing (RTP), annealing (RTA), oxidation (RTO), nitridation (RTN), diffusion (RTD) to sulfurization, selenization and crystallization. Of the several orders placed so far in 2021, the bench-top JIPELEC JetFirst 100-200product line leads the way as a cold-wall, single-wafer RTP furnace for process engineering and qualification utilizing atmospheric or vacuum thermal treatment.

  • JetFirst 200 – industrial semi-conductor manufacturer
  • JetFirst 100 – private research laboratory
  • JetFirst 100/200 – university R&D research facilities

JIPELEC JetFirst systems are compact and robust halogen lamp heated rapid thermal processing systems specifically designed to meet the requirements of research and small-scale production units with substrate size ranging from pieces of sample to 300- mm diameter. In general, RTP is a flexible technology that provides fast heating and cooling to process temperatures of ~200-1300°C with ramp rates typically 20- 200°C/sec, combined with excellent gas ambient control which allows for the creation of sophisticated multistage processes within one processing recipe. The full range of JIPELEC RTP/RTA furnace systems cover all research, lab, and clean environment applications, and can be manually operated or integrated within a fully automated system designed and maintained by the ECM Robotics division. 

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