ECM ECO Furnace-What the Heck is It?

Last week furnace builder ECM issued this press release which at least with us has prompted a lot of questions. Well we will have answers to our questions shortly and will give you a few more details about what the heck an ECO furnace is.

“ECM Technologies announces the release of a new furnace system which will replace current sealed quench (SQ) or integral quench (IQ) style furnaces. The system offers cleaner, safer and greater performance in comparison to traditional SQ or IQ furnace on the market today. When developing this new furnace, ECM Technologies took into consideration all the key characteristics of sealed quench or integral quench furnaces and eliminated their drawbacks. All of its development was based on four pillars: Environmental impact, efficiency, metallurgical quality & existing in line integration. The ECO furnace is an electrically heated system, enabling greater than 80% reduction in CO2 emissions. It also allows for higher temperatures, thereby enabling increased productivity through greater throughput. Further, a safer and far more ergonomic environment is provided without open flames and smoke, eliminating the risk of fire hazards. Additionally, the ECO furnace can be integrated in existing sealed quench or integral quench lines, using existing, pits, conveyors and peripheral equipment (tempers, washers, etc). The ECO line allows captive and commercial heat treaters to extend the life and expand the capabilities of their existing sealed quench or integral quench furnace lines. And, part quality reaches higher levels with the efficient and safe heat treatment processes in a new ECO production line.”

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