East Carolina Metal Treating/Raleigh, NC, USA

One of the larger family owned commercial heat treats in North America is East Carolina Metal Treating in Raleigh, NC-a company we know fairly well. The company sent us this press release about their 6th Nadcap audit.

“After many successful years undergoing rigorous Nadcap audits, East Carolina Metal Treating has completed it’s 6th audit successfully! This audit completed in August has given the company a merit based certificate that will allow them to complete their audits on an 18-month schedule rather than the traditional 10-month schedule. Special congratulations to East Carolina Metal Treating and their quality team for working hard to ensure that quality and customer service is a top priority on a day to day basis. East Carolina Metal Treating has been in business since 1976 with locations in Raleigh, North Carolina and Lynchburg, Virginia.”