E-commerce Offerings Expand Encompassing Environmentally Friendly Heat Transfer Fluids

The Dow product line is now available on the Hubbard-Hall eCommerce site.  Increasing digital offerings allows for competitive pricing, 24/7 ordering and product information at the touch of a button.

Dow brand heat transfer fluids are cost effective, propylene glycol products that offer excellent stability and high temperature process heating and cooling for manufacturing. Inhibitors in Dow glycol-fluids are formulated to protect against corrosion and scaling that can lead to costly maintenance and expenses. Dow products are non-toxic and available at full concentrate or diluted to fit your system.

DOWTHERM is widely used within the HVAC industry wherever low freezing water-based heat transfer fluids are needed.

DOWFROST is propylene glycol that also contains food grade corrosion inhibitors. It is made to conform to FDA CFR 21 and NSF guidelines.

Our main goal in expanding online services through the eCommerce site, Customer Portal and chat capabilities, is to constantly improve customer engagement.” stated Jodie Menze, Customer Service Manager.

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