Dr. Ing. Rolf Terjung-CFC Fixturing For Vacuum Furnaces

​Last week we had a very well written article about CFC fixturing in vacuum furnace applications, the person responsible was Dr. Ing. Rolf Terjung, Managing Director of Graphite Materials of Germany https://themonty.com/cfc-fixtures-quality-fixturing-for-vacuum-heat-treating / To compliment that article we have this press release from Graphite Materials telling us about an anniversary for the company and a birthday for Rolf. Also included is a photo of Graphite Materials taken October of 2019 when we last visited the company.

“2020 is an outstanding year for Graphite Materials: For 20 years now, our team is all about Special Graphite and his versatile application options. We will proudly celebrate the company’s anniversary in October. But one anniversary is not enough for us: Our managing director Dr. Ing. Rolf Terjung celebrated his 60th birthday! In 2000 he paved the way for a successful company career by founding Graphite Materials GmbH. He has been at the top of the company for the past two decades. With his commitment and dynamic nature, he managed to establish Graphite Materials as a successful brand in the industry. Needless to say that we wanted to honour him on his special day. But what should we give to a man whose heart beats for carbon? A simple voucher and chocolates were of course no option. We would not be Graphite Materials if we did not look beyond our horizons and carry out every project with a lot of passion.

So we started a mission according to our standard – from the idea to the finished component. We wanted to make a special gift: a three-dimensional bust of our boss – of course made of his favourite material: Graphite. To do this, we first had Mr. Terjung scanned from head to toe. After extensive programming, we finally went into production. We used one of our latest achievements in the machine park: our innovative 5-axis machining center. Thanks to its highly efficient way of working, we were able to machine the workpiece from all sides at the same time. This was the key to successfully completing the project. Several weeks passed from the vision to the finished gift. We watched everyone working at full speed. The team surprised our managing director with a unique and also artistic present that once again showed what Graphite Materials is capable of. We sincerely wish Mr. Terjung all the best on his 60th birthday and thank him for his great commitment. We look forward to further cooperation and to all the exciting highlights that will follow.”