Dowa Thermotech, North Carolina

Japanese furnace manufacturer and commercial heat treater Dowa has been in the news recently, mainly because of some issues at their commercial heat treating facility in Bowling Green, Ohio, USA although that is a story which has already been told. Today we look at their newest location which is in North Carolina, USA. Last August the company announced that they would be investing $22.5 million USD into a brand new commercial heat treating operation in Lee County, NC (the official announcement is below).

Our understanding is that work is proceeding as expected and we have an artists rendition of what the facility will look like when finished which is below. We also have a picture from A.W. North Carolina, a local manufacturer of vehicle transmissions for Toyota and the end customer for Dowa for the heat treating side of things. A.W. has 2,200 employees and pushes out 175 transmission per hour for Toyota Camrys and Tundras.

“Dowa Thermotech, a global provider of industrial furnaces and heat protection treatments, will build its first North Carolina plant in Lee County, creating 109 jobs. The Japanese company plans to invest $22.5 million in Sanford with plans to serve clients in the automotive and industrial machinery supply chains.

“Dowa Thermotech is the latest example of an international company choosing North Carolina as the perfect location to do business,” said Gov. Roy Cooper.  “North Carolina competes with the top locations anywhere in the world, thanks to our strong business environment, world-class workforce, and high quality of life.” North Carolina Commerce Secretary Anthony M. Copeland and Ryuji Tsuji, president for Dowa Thermotech, at the announcement of the company’s new plant in Sanford, North Carolina.

Dowa Thermotech, with headquarters in Nagoya, Japan, is a subsidiary of Dowa Holdings Co. Ltd., a global company operating in a wide range of industry sectors including nonferrous metals, metal processing and environmental management and recycling. Dowa Thermotech specializes in the manufacture of industrial furnaces and offers high quality commercial heat treatment services.  The company provides heat protection for metal engine parts, transmissions and other rotating elements that operate in harsh environments.”