Don Longenette, A+ Heat Treating Services LLC.

Not long ago we told you how long time heat treater Don Longenette was opening up a company by the name of A+ Heat Treating Services LLC,, now it becomes apparent why this came about. Don just contracted (October 1, 2020 to be exact) with KGO and Stange to support sales, service, startup and spare parts for all existing gas nitriding furnaces and controls in North America (25+ furnaces now) with more on the way. Don plans to provide sales, service, installation and spare parts for the two companies from his location in Cleveland, Ohio, USA.  KGO is a furnace manufacturer based in Germany who is best known for their nitriding systems although they do make most styles of furnace. Stange is a German furnace controls company very well known in Europe which is becoming better known in North America.

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