Delta H Technologies, Ohio, USA Expands

Furnace and oven builder Delta H in Carrol, Ohio sent us this press release with the photo below showing Richard and Neal Conway;

 “Delta H Technologies LLC, a manufacturer of industrial furnaces and heat treatment ovens, plans on adding 11 new jobs and investing more than $300,000 for machinery and equipment at their site on High Street, right off U.S. 33. The company makes furnaces and ovens for aerospace maintenance technicians to heat treat components, so they can quickly be repaired and keep the aircraft from being grounded awaiting new parts. The 11 jobs will double the current workforce. 

“Thank you, guys, for staying in Fairfield County and staying in Carroll and for having the entrepreneurial spirit to do what you’ve done,” said Rick Szabrak, economic and workforce development director for Fairfield County on Tuesday at the official announcement. Fairfield County provided a $20,000 Workforce Development Training Grant to help with training of new employees. JobsOhio, through the efforts of Columbus 2020, provided a $50,000 performance grant toward the purchase of new machinery. “We wanted to help in any way that we could as a county,” Szabrak said Richard Conway, director and chief technology officer, started the company in 1990 while attending Ohio State University to get his bachelors of science in industrial engineering. He did maintenance and tuning work for industrial furnaces and ovens.”