Delta H Installs Furnace at Kunsan Air Force Base

Well this is rather a cool picture isn’t it? “GUNSAN, SOUTH KOREA—DELTA H commissioned a Dual Chamber Aerospace Heat Treating (DCAHTTM) furnace system to the United States Air Force while visiting Kunsan Air Base in South Korea. These highly specialized furnaces provide crucial heat treating capacity for military aircraft while adhering to the strict calibration and record standards of the Armed Forces. DELTA H Chief Technology Officer and Founder Richard Conway was there when the innovative technology was presented. “As a USAF veteran, there are few things more gratifying than personally delivering to our warfighters the absolute best and most practical technology possible for heat treating aircraft parts,” Richard shares. DELTA H’s DCAHT furnaces are designed exclusively to comply with the strict aerospace / military pyrometry standards AMS2750E and USAF/NAVAIR Technical Order 1-1A-9. They are also built in accordance with the aviation industry’s uncompromising expectations for reliability and performance. With this exclusive technology, all aviation-grade metals such as aluminum, stainless steel, titanium and ferrous alloys can be rapidly heat treated in a single system. This minimizes critical downtime for mission-critical aircraft. Conway states, “Heat treating is vital to the mission of any airfield.  When you look at any aircraft, it is not difficult to imagine all the metal parts – and every single one has been processed with heat in some form or another in order to have the necessary properties required.” Nine Airmen stationed at Kunsan Air Base received certificates of training for Heat Treating Operation. Three outstanding servicemen were also qualified as trainers, and are now authorized to teach future operators how to effectively use the system. “Kunsan AB stands fearlessly in the face of a powerful and serious threat,” Conway said. “Our warfighters deserve nothing less than the best and we are honored and humbled to be among their technology providers.”