DELTA H Commissions Large Walk-In Oven

“WARREN, OR:  DELTA H recently completed the installation of a large walk-in oven at Composites Universal Group (CUG), an internationally recognized composite manufacturing company specializing in the production of high-quality composite components for Aerospace, Drones, Industrial and Space applications as well as custom prototyping. The following are some of the projects at CUG: Vahana electric VTOL aircraft, Sierra Nevada Corp Dream Chaser Pressure Vessel, and Leidos Corp. Composite Beams. DELTA H CTO Richard Conway stated, “It is truly rewarding and exciting to be among the technology providers supporting these projects and to have a role in the cutting edge of transportation.”  

The DELTA H Oven features an interior volume of 12’ wide, 10’ tall, and 32’ deep, with high volume New York Blower plug fan, PowerFlame gas burner, and rapid cooling / chamber pressure control.  For vacuum composite processing the system features multiple part temperature as well as vacuum transducers for precision monitoring of process heating.  Eurotherm Nanodac is featured with cascade control that selects the coolest part then automatically adjust air temperature to precisely maintain the desired ramp rate, soak time, and cooling rate. 

“The DELTA H Composite Oven has performed flawlessly ever since initial startup. It’s become a critical part of our Equipment listing here within CUG. We use it 2-3 times each day, 5-6 days per week. It is critical to our operations and the curing of our high temperature parts fabrication. The support from the DELTA H Team was superior from day 1 and we are glad that we selected the DELTA H Oven to be a part of the CUG family!” states Steve Ruege, President and Director of Sales at Composite Universal Group.”