Deep Cryogenic Treatment Adopted by USA Heat Treater

March 2 of this year we had an article entitled “Deep Cryogenic Treatment and it’s Place in The Heat Treatment Industry” (the article can be found at Since that time a heat treater in Colorado by the name of “Metalex Thermal Specialties” adopted the technology and since that time they have processed literally thousands knife blanks.

The press release can be found below and further down this page you will find a press release issued by “The Monty Heat Treat News” from March of 2020 when we announced that the company had found new owners.

“MARCH 22, 2022: DEEP CRYO FOR KNIFE MAKERS DCI LEASES CP-200 TO HEAT TREATER Metalex Thermal Specialties in Berthoud, CO has expanded their HT capabilities by leasing a CP-200i from DCI.  Within days after installing the 200, they began processing thousands of knife blanks to meet production demands.  Metalex General Manager Chris James also intends to support local machine shops and  injection mold makers with DCT –  adding 30-70% increased wear life to D2, O1, H13, S7 and HSS tooling. You can reach Metalex at 970-532-3796

“OCTOBER 12, 2020: Commercial heat treat Metalex Thermal Specialties in Colorado, USA has new owners. This is a plant which has been in business for quite some time offering vacuum heat treating, oil hardening, stress relieving, annealing and many other processes, under the direction of Greg Alexander. The new owners are Debra James, CEO, Bruce James, Vice President, and Chris James, General Manager. Chris and Debra have been involved in the heat treatment field in California for several years. Greg plans to stay on for awhile as a consultant. The James Family have ambitious plans for expanding the business in Colorado.”

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