Dana Corporation, Queretaro, Mexico

Auto parts giant Dana Corporation needs no introduction as one of the largest in house heat treaters in North America. Many years ago the company expanded into Mexico and in 2020 this includes an enormous complex in the Mexican city of Queretaro with several large, seperate in house heat treating departments. We at “The Monty” had the chance to visit it yesterday and it is certainly impressive. There is actually 3 separate facilities here, Dana Forja which has a heat treating department doing annealing in continuous furnaces, Dana Cardanes which has 7 batch IQ furnaces, roughly 40 induction lines and 11 tempers and Dana, ENCO which has 2 AFC-Holcroft UBQ furnaces along with 4 pusher furnaces. The fourth facility,  CV Components has no heat treat to speak of which is where our interest ended. We were fortunate enough to be able to take a number of photos, two of which are below with more to come later this week as we continue to talk about in house and commercial heat treating in Mexico.