Dael Thermal Announces the Acquisition of Specialty Combustion

In Ontario, Canada we see that Specialty Combustion a company which offers combustion services to heat treaters has been acquired by Dael Thermal. Dael has been servicing the industry since 1932 while Specialty Combustion was formed by Bert Rochon 15 years ago.

“Dael Thermal Group Inc. (Dael Thermal) is pleased to announce the acquisition of Specialty Combustion Ltd.  This acquisition improves both businesses combustion service and installation ability within the industrial, commercial, and institutional markets. The combined business units will operate as “Dael Thermal.”  This new business unit offers an exciting opportunity for Dael to strengthen and expand its combustion service offering in the South Western area of Ontario and allows Specialty Combustion to expand its service offerings into a full mechanical 24 hour, 7 day Service Company that can also provide turnkey solutions to a variety of mechanical problems.

The acquisition of Specialty Combustion business unit supports our combined strategy to lead the service and installation market in South Western Ontario for combustion field services, design engineering, capital project upgrades and installation, process piping, HVAC, refrigeration, commercial roof-top units, and boilers.”

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