Crio, Mexico Top 5 Mexican Heat Treat

It has been 4 years since “The Monty Heat Treat News” visited commercial heat treater “Crio” ( in Querétaro, Mexico and we welcomed the opportunity for another visit last week. What we found was a company which has invested heavily since then both in terms of equipment and people. Founded in 2004 the company started off with a single location with one batch IQ line and one car bottom furnace, since that time the firm has added 6 more batch IQ units each with working dimensions of 36” X 48” X 36” for a total of seven, a second car bottom furnace, a “cryo” system and an oven for processing aluminum. New since our last visit is FNC capability which was added to 2 furnaces in 2023.

Since their beginnings Crio has added a second facility in Ramas Arizpe, Mexico with a similar mix, batch IQ furnaces and a car bottom system. In total the two facilities have 125 people and their customer base is heavily automotive. While more than half of commercial heat treating in Mexico is automotive related Crio pushes this to 95% largely because of their CQI-9 and related certifications.

While Crio is very proud of everything they have achieved over the years there is nothing they are more proud of than their data logging, control and quality systems. The Plant Manager was positively eloquent talking about their quality and control systems which we have to agree are second to none.

And why did we call Crio a “Top 5” Mexican Heat Treater? Because as far as “The Monty” can tell it very much deserves to be ranked as one of the 5 largest commercial heat treater in Mexico as

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