Countdown for HK 2019 – 22 – 24 October in Cologne, Germany

The event is Europe’s largest annual forum for experts in the field of materials technology, with a particular focus on heat treatment processes. This year a high quality congress program will be provided. The program jury were able to select the speakers from more than 50 submissions.

Main topics:

  1. Materials for lightweight design
  2. Functional coatings
  3. Intelligent process control
  4. Quality control
  5. Partial heat treatment of components
  6. Additive manufacturing
  7. Microstructure and strength

Congress and trade fair – a strong duo; Around 3,000 trade visitors – from heat treatment shops, as well as from sectors such as industrial furnace construction, from supplier companies, manufacturers of testing equipment and also employees from the automotive and steel industry – now make use of this event to share and exchange information on innovations and trends in the sector within the network of the AWT (German association for Heat Treatment and Materials Technology). At the show, around 180 exhibitors from across Germany and from around the world will be providing information on their latest product innovations across an exhibition space of 13,000 m². The strong connection between the congress and the associated trade show has the advantage that employees from all areas of a company can take part in the event – company management, research and development, quality management, technical practice and sales. This will ensure a high standard of discussion with the customers at the trade show.

HK for the 75th time – from Heat Treatment Colloquium to Heat Treatment Congress; Celebrate with us and immerse yourself in the history of the event! We have put together a large collection of photos from the 75 events which have been held between the years 1942 and 2018, and have made them into a photo show. The show will be presented on the stand next to the Piazza in the exhibition hall, in the Feedback Area and in the Congress Hall. All visitors to the congress and all exhibitors are invited to our big Anniversary Reception on the evening of Wednesday 23 October!

News from the Online Marketplace; Take part in a round table discussion about the 20 µm issue concerning the Vickers hardness test. Furthermore, you’ll get a report from the DIN ad-hoc group „Indention diagonals below 20 microns” and the last ISO meeting of the TC 164 „Mechanical testing of metals“ that took place in September 2019. Location: AWT booth on the Piazza C-120, 23rd October 2019 from 2.00 to 3.00 pm

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The place for networking and meetings with the VIPs from AWT at HK is the Heat