Cost Saving for Heat Treatment-The Heat Treat Podcast Talks With Josh Harvey

In this weeks very suspenseful edition of “The Heat Treat Podcast” our host Mr. Carlos Torres speaks with a very close friend of “The Monty Heat Treat News” Mr. Josh Harvey of CF Thermal. For over 20 years Josh has been serving the heat treatment industry in the fastest growing area of the US, the southeastern USA. CF Thermal is a long established independent manufacturers rep organization founded by Kyle Favors which represents a number of the best known industry suppliers in the world. And what did we learn from this podcast? That Josh is no mere salesman rather he is a “problem solver”.

“The Monty Heat Treat News” is proud to work with “The Heat Treat Podcast” and we look forward to presenting you with weekly updates from some very well known individuals in the industry. Between now and the end of the year we have numerous podcasts lined up which will cover the gauntlet from vacuum carburizing to additive manufacturing.

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