Commercial Heat Treater Tecnovacum Adds Vacuum Furnace

In Brazil we see that commercial heat treater Tecnovacum, has installed a SECO/WARICK VectorR vacuum furnace as we can see in this press release. What makes this rather interesting is that SECO partnered with their Brazilian representatives, Combustol Fornos Ind (the largest furnace supplier in Brazil) on this project. For those familiar with Brazil this will come as no surprise in that very high import tariffs make it almost essential for foreign suppliers to have a Brazilian partner;

“The Vector vacuum furnace is the first product supplied by SECO/WARWICK to Tecnovacum. To implement the government subsidy program, the equipment must have 50% of the production in the territory of Brazil. The furnace was developed in close cooperation with the Brazilian partner – COMBUSTOL FORNOS IND COM LTDA.

“This is an exceptional situation, the first one, but certainly not the last. Under our supervision and in close cooperation, the Brazilian partner made the casing and the control cabinet in Brazil, and the company was also responsible for the equipment assembly and start-up. We have contributed our knowledge, experience and the entire furnace internal fittings and components to the project. Owing to this cooperation, which is consistent with the government program, the clients from Brazil could benefit from more favorable financial conditions. We are glad that we have a partner who is not only able to carry out the assembly, start-up and service of our equipment on site, but also build the entire vacuum furnace in cooperation with us” – says Maciej Korecki, Vice-President of the Vacuum Segment of the SECO/WARWICK Group.

Adds M. Korecki. “For six years now, SECO/WARWICK has been working with the Combustol company on the South American market in terms of sales, supplies and start-ups of furnaces in Brazil.”

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