Commercial Heat Treater in France Installs Second Nitrex Furnace

Groupe Thermi Lyon, the second largest commercial heat treater in France recently added to their gas nitriding department in the form of a second nitriding furnace from Nitrex. The new system has working dimensions of 1500 mm (diameter) X 2500 mm (depth) with a weight capacity of 4 tons which makes it substantially larger than the previous system-installation started just last week (early September 2022) with the unit in operation in the near future.
As you can tell from one of these photos Thermi Lyon is quite obviously a very strong supported of equipment was Nitrex.
THERMI LYON was established in June 1960 with the first location in Lyon, France (factory and head office). Today there are 8 plants in France 1 in Romania and 1 in China. When we last spoke with “Thermi Lyon” the company had over 200 employees and annual sales of over $30 million USD making them a very substantial player in the European commercial heat treat market. How substantial? You can find out at “The Monty Heat Treat News” list of the largest European commercial heat treaters; 

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