Commercial Heat Treater Adds Nitriding System

According to this press release a commercial heat treater in Turkey by the name of Saglam Metal has recently installed a new,  pit style gas nitriding furnace as can be seen in the PR below. Largely due to a substantial presence of automotive suppliers in the county Turkey boasts a large, varied and very advanced heat treatment industry both captive and commercial.

“NITREX has delivered a turnkey system to SAGLAM METAL, a Turkish commercial heat-treating company. With this new addition to its services portfolio, SAGLAM METAL now offers controlled nitriding, nitrocarburizing, and post-oxidation treatments for a wide range of metal applications to different markets and customers.

“SAGLAM selected NITREX based on the recommendation of our local representative and the positive experience of other system users in the Turkish market, in addition to the high quality of our product supported by perfect nitriding/nitrocarburizing results,” mentions Marcin Stokłosa, Project Manager at NITREX Poland. The versatility of the NITREX turnkey system, process technologies, and library of proven recipes make it adaptive for a wide range of applications. For SAGLAM, the system is used to nitride/nitrocarburize a variety of different parts, part sizes, and materials to various specifications for the automotive, extrusion, tooling, and other manufacturing industries.

The turnkey system delivered to SAGLAM METAL includes a 5500 lb. (2500 kg) load capacity pit-type furnace, model NX-1020, as well as technologies for controlled gas nitriding (NITREGR for AMS 2759/10 compliance), controlled nitrocarburizing (NITREGR-C for AMS 2759/12 compliance), and in-process post-oxidation (ONCR). These process technologies enhance the wear and corrosion resistance and overall aesthetics of the treated parts.”

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