Commercial Heat Treat in Arizona Continues to Move Towards Grand Opening

Amidst all the doom and gloom in the world these days it can be easy to forget that many businesses continue to grow and prosper-commercial heat treater Thermal Vac out in California is a good example. Almost exactly one year ago we posted the update below about the company. Their name comes up today because work is progressing on their brand new Arizona location (as can be seen in this photo) and every day that goes by brings them a little closer to opening day.

“February 2021; Commercial Heat Treater Thermal Vac Making Substantial Investments; In 2020 we ranked commercial heat treater Thermal Vac as one of the largest commercial heat treats in North America “Founded in 1985 by Steve Driscol and based in Orange, CA, Thermal-Vac Technology is southern California’s premier brazing, heat-treating, and finishing facility offering first-class services to a wide customer base, including some of the most demanding in the industry.

For over three decades we have been sought out by customers who require the most innovative solutions for challenging project needs, effectively helping to secure a position as a leader in the industry. With an original facility of 5,500 square feet and 11 active customers, Thermal-Vas transformed into a multiple location company with over 60,000 square feet of campus footprint. We have 80 team members, with 50 in production. Thermal-Vac is a family-owned business with second generation family leaders heading the business since 2012. Our team is comprised of many family-oriented relationships with over 25% of our employees being related to each other in some way.”

Since that article the company has been very busy-lets summarize a little;

  • Sean Driscol, President of the company and son of the founder Steve Driscol was recently named President of the new location “Thermal Vac Arizona”. While this location is still a work in progress we do know that it will include a shiny new vacuum furnace.
  • The facility in Orange, CA has added a new salt bath.
  • On the way is a brand new Gasbarre nitriding furnace.

It’s always great to see a family owned business transition from first generation to second generation and in the case of Thermal Vac the transition seems to be going smoothly.

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