Combustion Burners Long Delivery Times

Furnace manufacturer Diablo Furnaces is having a very frustrating experience getting gas combustion burners on time as we can see from this note;  “I want to address the Chairman and CEO of Honeywell as I have tried to reach out and email him to no avail.  Perhaps this will somehow reach him… We are an OEM Furnace Manufacturer who has been waiting for 3+ months for product.  I have to say since your purchase of Maxon, and Eclipse where has the customer service I had received in the past gone? I have never seen a company so screwed up. Your company promises dates and does not deliver. We are told you have internal restructuring of your business (not the customers fault) and cannot meet the demand for your backlog and are looking at the end of Q2 to be caught up to be able to meet quoted lead times. At this point we have 8 units waiting for Honeywell product, if Honeywell misses the date AGAIN they have promised we have no choice but to rip the Honeywell bases out and go with Fire Eye.”